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My name is Robert Dudas. I have been playing table tennis 32 years. In the last 25 years I been competing in the  highest divisions in Hungary and Serbia as a professional player.  As a member of the Serbian national team (6 years) I have traveled worldwide, participate in the highest rated tournaments and gained a unique experience. 

Now, I am living here in Canada. According to newest Canadian ranking list I am ranked 8th position in Canada ( In Ontario I rank in the 4 best players (
My main goals are promoting,  teaching, coaching and endearing table tennis to everyone that is interested.

The benefits of playing table tennis:
•    Improve concentration
•    Great fitness activity
•    Brings people closer to each other
•    Feeling of achievement
•    Improve coordination
•    Excellent recreational activity

 Target groups are:
•    Kids 7-12 years,
•    Adolescent 13-18 years,
•    Adults 18-65 years,
•    Seniors 65 -  

Private (beginner, advanced, professional level) and group coaching is also available at the highest level.


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